Gaea- The Secrets We Keep


Release Date TBA

(Note: This sneak peek is copyrighted, unedited, and subject to change because… well my brain never stops creating)

“Aaron I am not above shooting yo trifling ass! Stop fucking playing me for weak!” Only to be stunned into silence by the sight of my mother Janet and Aaron’s mother Maxine. I huff knowing this shit just could not be happening. I didn’t give a damn what they had to say this time around, I was not about to be suckered into going backwards again. I don’t think my mother got it but this was one of the main problems I had with her. She always put her fucking status above family!

“Gaea put that gun away I didn’t raise you to run around here like some sophisticated hood rat!” my mother spat out with her nose turned up as if something stunk. I just stood there looking at her with an equally disgusted look on my face

“Mother if you’re coming over here to convince Butterfly to go back to Aaron I am calling daddy! Enough is enough already! Put your got damn daughter before a fucking legacy.” Ana spat out

“Ana I hardly see how this is any of your business at all. You clearly wouldn’t understand the importance of this given your current occupation! Giving up Yale! Such a pathetic disgrace to your family’s legacy and name.” she said looking down her nose at my sister. I was looking at my mother pleading with her in my mind to stand up for her daughter. But of course she found more interest in her nails than her children. Fucking bitch. I couldn’t wait to talk to my daddy about the piece of shit he married. This shit sobered me up real fast.

“First of all Mrs. Maxine don’t address me like at all. I’m in my right mind to slap you for all of the hundreds of mistresses you allow your husband to have. Second what decision I may or may not have made is none of your fucking business am I asking anybody in this fucking room to support me? No! So for you to speak on it is asking for you to get popped right in your gotdamn mouth! Furthermore, I’ll be damned if I allow you two dimwits to turn Gaea into Maxine!” Ana snarled out

“Ana let me handle them!” I screamed. It was evident that this shit was getting out of control. What I didn’t need was Ana to fight this battle for me. I was more than capable to stand up for myself. Hell I am not weak by any means. Gullible maybe but weak no. Theodore didn’t raise a punk. If he knew half the shit I was putting up with, family ties be damned, he would’ve put Aaron through a wall and shut his wife the fuck up for once. But no I was still searching for a love of a mother who put a legacy before the children she birthed. That’s some sick and twisted shit. Love that was conditional on what and where we could land her on the status spectrum. But that was my mother for you pushing an agenda instead of parenting.

“Ana, Gaea I’m gonna head out. I’ll hit you all up if I decide to venture out later.” Jenn stated before rushing to the door past my mother and Maxine

“Ana I wouldn’t expect you to understand what it’s like to have someone from a good home to want to build a future with you!” Maxine spat out. In that moment I still don’t know why I was expecting Janet to check Maxine for being so clearly out of line and speaking to Ana that way. But I was and the shit was foul. All this wench had to do was shut Maxine up with a few simple but stern words but nope her ass was still over there playing with her stupid ass nails. That infuriated me. Like bitch we came from your womb.

“A good home? Bitch please! Let me call my daddy because it’s obvious that Janet ass is off her fucking meds to barge up in here and allow your two-bit polyester wearing, bad weave having ass to talk to me as if you both aren’t pushing Gaea to be with Aaron for your own selfish gain!” Ana yelled as she began to call our daddy. The look on them two witches faces was priceless. They knew Theodore didn’t bullshit when it came down to his girls. While he loved our mother he didn’t put up with her shit when it came down to his girls.

“You know mother I don’t know why I expected more out of you, but I did. How dare you let someone speak to your own flesh and blood like that. Like damn you act as if hate your own daughter. Maybe you do but I’ll be damned if I allow anyone to disrespect her in my presence in my home! Which leads me to you Maxine! Don’t ever fix your mouth to disrespect my sister when you’ve done a half ass job in raising your son. There is absolutely nothing you two can say to make me get back with Aaron. That situation is dead. Read my lips D-E-A-D! What Maxine should be worrying about is the damn child he created with some yamp while he was supposed to be loving and preparing for a life with me! Now what I need for the both of you to do is get the fuck up out of my house! I have plans with my sister!”

Stunned into silence Maxine begins to collect her things as my mother struggles to find her words. Words that I no longer cared to hear. It was too little too late. Anything she had to say at this point wouldn’t be received well.

“This isn’t over Gaea. You and Aaron both will work this out. Whether it be by force or choice.” Maxine snarled out. “Now I love you as if you were my very own child and I would hate to lose what we’ve grown to have due to simple misunderstanding. This situation between Aaron and his common whore can be fixed I’m almost sure of it. Take some time to think about your future. Give me a call once you’ve thought over it and you’re done being mad.”

“Maxine I love you and your son as well, but at some point you have to love you more than you love a man and more than you love any wealth you may encounter. Unfortunately, or fortunately enough for me I’ve reached that point. I have to love me more and love Aaron from a distance.” I said and she let out this dramatic ass huff and stormed towards the front door. As my mother stood to approach me I shook my head signaling there was nothing I needed her to say. Her moment to be a mother had come and gone. She sucked up her unshed tears and they both headed out of my apartment not making it far before my father was greeting them.


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