The Secrets We Keep is now live

Hey Love Muffins!

Since I’ve last updated I snuck in my release. As you may expect I was super emotional and filled with love from readers. Yesterday was nerve wracking yet calm… My baby is now out in the universe and whether people love or hate it she’s out forever. I guess I can put my nerves in my pocket now and relax a little. I’m currently rated a 4.89 on Goodreads & a 4.7 on Amazon. I’m in the top 40 on Amazon as well (last time I checked), my paperback copies flew out of my possession & as a newbie I couldn’t ask for better. Like I’m legit next to some of the GREATS I read, so you can bet I’m emotional. Thanks so much everyone I appreciate you all more than you know. The best way I can hear you is in the form of a review. So let me hear you! If you haven’t read my baby yet go do that! I’ve posted the link below. Peace and blessings 💝🌻💝🌻



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