Sample Sunday: The Secrets We Keep 2

The following is unedited & copyrighted. Anything and almost everything is subject to change because well my mind is constantly working. Enjoy! ❤️🌻🌹

“Flash you made things very fucking personal when you played with my heart. None of this had anything to do with Aaron and I. Yeah I may have known him from around the way but it was you that I was with. I wasn’t there as a friend.” She screamed

“Lisette none of this makes sense to me. I agree we fucked around but not to the extent that you are making it out to be.” I stated calmly

“No Flash you are definitely not about to make me out to be crazy. That’s what we are not gonna do. You and I were a thing. A REAL fucking thing! Stop down playing shit like it didn’t happen. I only fucked around with Aaron so that Gaea could feel everything that I felt. Everything with you was always Gaea! Gaea this Gaea that! I was so sick and tired of hearing about the bitch! That shit can take the sanest person snap. Nevermind the fact that I was at every single one of your games, cooking your meals, fucking You regularly, & washing your dirty ass draws. So excuse me for not giving a fuck about you, her, ya daughter, or her fucking job.” She spat out “Like you are making this out to be something it just doesn’t have to be. We weren’t together Lis! Man damn you were the one that was adamant in letting me know our worlds outside of the bedroom would never coincide. Yes we fucked around but at no point did you let me know you changed your mind. In the beginning I was truly feeling you. I mean who wouldn’t you were a beautiful woman inside and out. I get that you’re angry but at no point should you target innocent people who had no idea we were even fucking around. Especially my daughter man. So tell me what the fuck you know!” I growled out Lisette takes a moment to look me over before she laughs at me. It was baffling to me that she even felt some kinda way. Sure I had a crush on Gaea but back then we were friends. I tried to make Lisette my woman but she was hell bent on us not being anything because her parents wouldn’t approve but yet here she is firing Gaea and approaching me with some age old bullshit.

“What I know is that you and your wack ass bitch will pay for what you’ve put me and my man through. This could’ve all been avoided had you done the right thing and married me” she said

“Married you? Yo what the fuck are you even talking about?” I lowered my voice to get a hold of my emotions and take control of the conversation.

“You will see Flash! Now if you would excuse me I have better things to do rather than sitting here shooting the shit with you. Good luck on your search for your brat! I’m sure you’ll need it” she spat out while she tossed he purse on her shoulder and stormed off out of the restaurant. All of this shit was throwing me off. Honestly how was the world this fucked up that my baby was now suffering because of the actions of adults. None of this logically made any sense. Just as I thought my day couldn’t get any worse I see Maxwell enter the restaurant and makes s beeline directly towards me. “You done being a little bitch yet? Are you ready to apologize and get back to the money?” He asked

“Max gone on somewhere with all that shit. I made it clear as did my lawyers that I’m not fucking with you in any capacity.” I snarled out “Man that shit you pulled was just for show to impress your bi—“

“Let me stop you there before I really have to whoop yo ass! This doesn’t have anything to do with Gaea but everything to do with Kynsley and you playing puppeteer with my life! I was more than generous in giving you a severance so know that I meant what the fuck I said! Coming back here violates the terms of the agreement. Do I need to call my lawyers?” Maxwell shifts a little on his feet before he clears his throat and makes eye contact with me.

“What if I told you I have information on the whereabouts of your daughter?”I was ready to dismiss his ass before he mentioned Kynsley. I couldn’t let him see how he had peeked my interest so I played it cool as I lifted an eyebrow signaling him to continue on. He let out a dry chuckle before he took another step closer to me and grabbed a chair. He used a hand signal to get the waitress attention. After he placed an order for a gin and tonic he continued to silently look me over, I’m guessing to gauge how interested I was in the news he was delivering. My interest was piqued but I knew better then to take anything from Maxwell and run with it. I could be setting myself up to walk into my very own death trap.

“Max I don’t have all day mane! Speak yo peace or be done with it!” I demanded clearly agitated. The waitress appears once more placing his drink in front of him and then disappears again. He takes a sip of his drink and looks at me.


One thought on “Sample Sunday: The Secrets We Keep 2

  1. Girl what is wrong with these ppl who won’t let go ,Lisette wouldn’t be in a relationship because of her parents Aaron was a whore but they both trying to punish Kwam and Gaea …. They better give them they damn baby !!!


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