Sample Sunday: The Secrets We Keep 2

The following is unedited & copyrighted. Anything and almost everything is subject to change because well my mind is constantly working. Enjoy! ❤️🥀🌻

Gaea why didn’t you tell me you were performing? Where is Kynsley?” I walked up on her firing off questions before she could get back to the nigga I saw her hugging.

“Kyns is fine. She’s with mom and Kalyse. I left instructions for Kion to stay with them. Miguel is here with me. As for your other question when would I have had time? You’re always gone with what I am assuming is your girlfriend, so I didn’t feel the need to bother you with anything I have going on. Now if you would excuse me I need to speak with Drexel here.” She said before turning to walk towards a dark skinned muscle bound brother. All I saw was red when I walked over to the both of them.

“Aye my man wrap this up, I need to speak to my child’s mother.” I barked out at them and became enraged when the nigga laughed at me.

“Mane ju you are funny as hell. The fact that you tried to slide that you are Kynsley’s father up in there is funny as fuck. But ummm because I respect Gaea’s fine ass I’m gonna walk away Instead of checking yo ass for stepping to me wrong. I’m letting you get a pass this time next time you won’t be so lucky. I’m going to go holla at Ana to let you continue to stake your claim. Aye Bug I’ll holla at you later.” Drexel said as he kissed her cheek

“My nigga that jaw jacking will get yo ass fucked up! My claim was already staked when I moved her and our daughter in my home. That fine ass muthafucka standing right there is off limits.” I declared pulling Gaea towards me.

“Nigga again I’m going to let yo ass cook out of respect for my girl. Shit mad platonic. If things were what you saying they are you wouldn’t be clowning now would you?”

I went to chin check his ass but Tobias stepped in. He always made his presence known when I was about to lose my cool and fuck shit up. Sometimes I appreciated it but in this moment I didn’t. I didn’t give a fuck who buddy was but he was about to feel my rage.

“I told yo ass to be cool but you just had to start some shit. Drex go on over there with Ana y’all niggas make to much fucking money to be acting like some bitches up in this club!” Tobias stated

“Man fuck that nigga!” I said while grabbing a hold of Gaea’s arm dragging her to the restroom. I made sure the coast was clear before I locked the door to go off on her ass. I didn’t care how crazy I looked

“Why the fuck you talking to other niggas about Kynsley?” I spat out.

“First off Kwam don’t come over here with your nose all flared and ya chest all puffed out talking shit. You rolling up on Drex like that was unnecessary. You were completely out of line. That’s my friend. The only friend I had while I was in Jackson. Strictly platonic! But why am I explaining anything to you when you got a whole fucking situation going on!” She said attempting to leave the restroom

“Nah don’t think you get to speak your peace and then dismiss me. You talking about that mane yo friend but I saw him grip yo ass before you hit the stage. Stop trying to play me Gaea!” I yelled

“You said all of that but still have yet to acknowledge or address the shit about your bitch!” She said tossing her hand in my direction

“Yo watch yo hands! I ain’t addressing it because it ain’t shit to address!”

“Kwame get out of my way. I’m not doing this with you tonight! I’ve been through this shit before and I refuse to do it with you! We full on live together and share a whole fucking bed every time you bring yo egg head ass home. I look over the shit you do because I’m aware I hurt you but I’m not about to keep giving in to your tantrums and punishing myself when you do what you want to do.” She yelled out on the verge of crying

“Melody doesn’t mean shit the me. All I’ve ever wanted was you but you keep pushing me away! There is no reason to be where we are!”

“Yes the fuck there is and her name is Melody! Thank you for finally being honest about your shit! Listen to everything I’m about to say and take it as you take the Bible! I’m not fucking with any man in my life who plays house with me getting full on wife privileges and knowingly fucks another bitch never bothering to be honest with me! I was praying that yo extra whack ass forgives me but I no longer fucking care! As of tomorrow Kynsley and I will move into a home I’m done playing house with yo ass!” She said with tears cascading down her cheeks

“Gypsy!” I lowered my voice. I never thought my actions would hurt her in the manner in which it did. But truth is they did. Here she is pouring her heart out to me me showing me that she clearly had some love for me. This shit was painful. I couldn’t catch my breath and my grown ass was crying too. I was losing the woman I loved for a woman I liked. I couldn’t fucking handle it. “If you walk out of that door I’ll never forgive you!”

“I’m not the one that needs forgiveness! Goodbye Flash!” She said while wiping her face and storms out.


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