The Secrets We Keep 2

I’m a few days late with this but loves We are live.

Damaged hearts can’t do anything but damage yours if not healed properly.

When tragedy struck it shook up the lives for everyone involved. Can the crew overcome this?

Kwame’s past comes barreling down at him and he’s forced with the real reality that some of his very own secrets may have played a part in his heartache. When he’s at his wits end searching for answers the person he least expected comes to his aid. Will he be humble enough to accept the help offered?

Gaea is still licking her wounds and still not accepting the fact that she is at fault for some of her pain. When the people she loves the most get tired of playing her games and leave her alone she’s forced to humble herself. Will she get together in time to salvage her relationships?

Will Kwame and Gaea every get it right?


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