Payback Get ‘em back like that: A Britt Joni Sneak ♥️💔🥀

♥️💔🥀 This piece is copyrighted, unedited, & subject to change depending upon which wave I’m riding🥀💔♥️


The Power of the Pussy

I never meant to fall for Aja’s pretty ass when we first started fucking around. The shit kind of just happened. Was I pissed I was “killed” behind it? Hell yeah! But I couldn’t get past the plushness of her pussy and the gold that laced her heart. My baby was a good girl until she met that dude. She was out here looking real stupid fighting bitches and jeopardizing her entire life for a nigga that would replace her ass with the quickness. So was I apologetic for swooping in and saving her from herself? Nah, hardly that nigga was a bitch and didn’t deserve her. I don’t know how much you are willing to pay for happiness, but a nigga like me was willing to give my whole life and yours if need be. I laid low, plotted, and gathered all the shit I needed to get back right once I touched down. It was amazing to me how many of his day one niggas flipped on him choosing to remain loyal to Aja and me. Those that were too eager to flip and had loose ass lips we murked them. There was no need to keep disloyal niggas in our corner. Especially his day ones, yeah, those niggas had to go.

The hardest part in all of this, which surprisingly wasn’t our silent takeover, it was watching Aja take her ass back home to him every night. Was I concerned about her fucking him? No. Aja knew better than to play with her life like that. I had no problem running up on her and murking her ass for playing with my love. The moment I stuck my dick in her raw she was mine, and the moment I fell for her there was no way in hell I was going to allow another man to stake claim on what was always meant to be mine. Jru may have thought he was the man but nobody had Aja like I did. I showed her the error in her loving that bum more than she ever loved herself. I never understood her flawed ass thinking in jeopardizing her career for a nigga that barely kept his hands clean. The nigga was always in some shit and the judges were starting to look at her ass hella funny.

We couldn’t have that shit happening so I married her ass. Since I already had successful real estate and construction companies we were able to clean the money through that as well as her spa’s and shit. Life was looking good for us. I couldn’t complain at all. I just needed to tie up the loose ends that I told baby girl not to worry herself with. We had a weak link and I’ll be damned if all of our hard work was put to death because some nigga was hating on the low.

“Babe, when are you coming to bed? I need you to rub my back; your big head baby is giving me the blues tonight.” Aja said as she waddled into our home office. It was during these times that nothing else in this world mattered. My Earth and my promise were the blessings I never knew I needed. Every dark day I’ve ever experienced was made better knowing that I would forever have the two of them by my side.


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