The Season for Change

Hello my loves,

Quick update. I felt it was necessary to offer an explanation for some changes I’m making in regards to my brand. Full transparency of why this even needs to be a thing: LIFE happened. How could I define it as anything but that. I need to be realistic in my career as an author. I’m trying to be a better Britt Joni for not only me but for the world too. So let’s hop to it.

I began my “Yes” year with an optimistic mindset. I was finally doing the things that I wanted. I was traveling, going to every event possible, writing (and finally having my book published), and literally just living. I was happy. Like legit living true to the phrase Live. Laugh. Love. Like real life thriving out here in these streets. Then boom…. Life kicked down my front door. Mid-year health issues and pressures I placed upon myself placed me in a mental block. I was writing but nothing really of substance, so I piled unrealistic goals on my plate. My heart was definitely in the right place but mentally I was shooting myself in the foot. I was hungry but not really realistic in my approach in regards to my writing. So I took a step back. Mostly because I was suffering from a writers block. But even still I released shorts with some phenomenal authors( which I highly recommend because those projects are dope) to get back into the swing of things.

During this moment of self reflection I had talks with my publisher. She could see me working and see some of the doubts I had. She encouraged the little girl writer in me and inspired me to stay true to me and my craft. She allowed me to be vulnerable enough to find my own way and to make good decisions based on me. Quiana is truly dope y’all! I don’t think y’all understand how much she does for her authors. The conversations with her and strict instructions to trust my dopeness allowed me to clear some space.

With all of those words (lol) in short I’ve come to the conclusion that series just don’t work for my creative process. It works WONDERFUL for others but just not Britt. At the end of the day this isn’t about a dollar for me it’s about the feeling I get when I release a novel and the food you all feed my soul when you all give me feedback. So if you’re feeding my soul why can’t I feed yours and give you the best of me. So hence the decision I’ve hinted at. From this day forward I will solely work on standalone projects. Mostly because it sits well within my soul but also because I want to give you, my readers quality content. ❤️ In getting back to me I’ve decided that I’m going to write for me first and then you. I feel ultimately this is what’s going to make us a success. I pray you all bare with me on this journey I PROMISE it will be worth it.

PS. What’s to come of The Secrets Series? It will come BUT only when it flows. I’ll finish them out but only because I love my first babies.

With all my love, 💕🌻🧘🏾‍♀️


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