🌻Cover Reveal 🌻 Your Love is My Lifeline

Sometimes the eyes only see a person at surface level. What happens when the person you love most is seemingly strong on the outside but is internally fighting a battle they refuse to face? Can you pick up the pieces to be the lifeline to save them from themselves?

Meet Anais, the fiery, free spirit the world first met in “The Secrets We Keep”. On the outside, all anyone ever sees is a no-nonsense, protective spirit who has everything all together. But Anais holds a secret on how she remains strong enough to face the world. When she falls for her friend, will that be enough to save her from herself?

Meet Tobias, the nosy lawyer who looks out for everyone, even if it’s damaging to his well-being. He holds the world together with an iron fist, but somehow, a sassy, free spirit has worked her way into his heart. He sees what the world doesn’t—a broken soul. Would you be willing to watch the one you care for fall deep into an abyss of darkness?

Find out what happens when love is all you have and truly becomes your lifeline.


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