Pre-Release Thoughts: Your Love is My Lifeline

Hello My Loves,

The Britt Joni you know and have grown to love is back. I took my time with Anais story because she was near and dear to my heart, it was a journey because often times in true Ana fashion she would go hiding from me.  It took a minute for her to reveal her pain and the nature of her story to me. But once she did, she surprised me and made me fall in love with her and her story.

Out of all the characters I’ve written so far I can say with a 100% that she is my favorite person to write. As hard as she was she was equally soft. She just had a lot of baggage she needed to shed to get to the best parts of her. I pray that through words you are able to witness her growth.

Which leads me to Tobias… My Goodness I love me some Tobias. His love was the type of love you wish upon yourself. When I say that man loved Anais I mean he loved the hell out of her even the ugly parts. I pray that in this lifetime that many of you get to experience the tenacity of his love.

I’m nervous about this novella, but I am also proud to finally release it. This came from my heart and I am happy with the content. I just pray the world does my baby some justice and love her back. Once you’ve read it let me hear your voices, I’m awaiting your feedback.

Peace & Blessings,





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