Sneak Peek: When Loving You is a Sin

It’s been a while but here is a sneak of my next release.

When Loving You is a Sin drops 1.13.19

💕Meet Wellington & Olivia 💕

*This is a short that will be a full length novel*

🌻💕This is unedited, copyrighted, & subject to change 💕🌻


Nothing is good when it’s taken in excess. Not sex, not money, and unfortunately, definitely not love. Someone once said the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. But that someone had never met a more determined soul than I. You see, I’ve had my eye on Wellington ever since we were ten years old. Only thing is, he had friend zoned me even before we could accurately define the term friend zone Yet, I still hold on because I can’t bear the thought of not having him at all, which is exactly why when he called me about an hour ago, I rushed over. I didn’t give him time to explain the why; I just heard he needed me, so I dropped everything and rushed over. Okay, so I’m lying. Business was slow at the restaurant, so I came running. Tomato, tomato right?

“Thanks for stopping by, Livi,” Wellington stated, flashing his gorgeous smile. “There is a reason I asked you to stop by.”

“It’s no problem at all. I wasn’t really doing anything.” I lied while taking a lock of my hair and twirling it around my finger. It had always been a telltale sign that I was lying. But I’m sure he wouldn’t remember something like that. After all, I was only his dorky best friend that went ignored; my quirks were drowned into the background and overlooked for the adventures we found ourselves creating. As frustrating as it may have been, I had to live with it. It was either that or lose my best friend, and honestly I couldn’t lose him. I didn’t even want to think about being without him. So I would continue to suffer in silence and accept his friendship rather than to not have him at all.

“Olivia Simone, you know I hate it when you lie to me. If you were busy, I could’ve waited until this evening to discuss my proposition with you.” He scolded, showing his irritation with me in his perfectly chiseled jaw.

“Wells, it was really nothing. The restaurant was slow, but even if it wasn’t, I’m the owner; I can leave when I want.” I shot back out at him. If he didn’t remember anything else about our friendship, then he damn sure should’ve remembered that I hated being scolded. I mean, we were friends; why couldn’t he remember the small things? There wasn’t anything you could ask me about him that I couldn’t confidently give you an answer about. I tattooed everything related to Wellington Asher McMillion across my heart and cc’d my brain.

The little things mattered; like how after a long day in the office, Wells liked to wind down listening to Tyrone Davis because it reminded him of simpler times. Times where we would take our four-wheelers out into the wild and go mudding for hours, refueling only on Salt and Vinegar Lay’s, a good ol’ po’ boy, and peach Nehi midday to continue our carefree journey on into the night. He loved to venture to farmer’s markets to find little gems that reminded him of a woman he once loved that went unrequited. He just didn’t have eyes for me, and that hurt. It hurt because I truly felt that God made me for him. How could he not see that?

“Fair enough, but I still don’t want you dropping things on account of me,” he stated, and I rolled my eyes. He stood quickly and walked around his desk to stand in front of me. His cologne sexually assaulted my senses, lifting me high and making me dizzy. The smell, along with the sight of him, caused me to let out a lustful moan. Immediately, my cheeks flushed, and I averted my eyes, choosing to focus on the beautiful view of the city. I was praying that God had mercy on me today and let that moan go unheard. But the sexy smirk that was now on Wellington’s face let me know that I was busted. He saw it, and if I was reading him correctly, he was equally turned on. When he licked his bottom lip, I swear there was a flood in my panties. I shifted around in my chair to ease some of the pressure from my throbbing bud before I brought my eyes back to meet his. He searched my face for a moment before he leaned back on the desk, crossing his arms and ankles. He made the decision to ignore my raging hormones and focus on why he brought me here.

“But to save us an argument, let’s move on to the reason I asked you to meet with me today,” he said as he licked his Hennessy-colored lips. “As you are well aware, I am due to inherit McMillion Enterprises and my grandfather’s estate once I reach the age of thirty.”

“Yes, I’m aware. We have been waiting on this day since our freshman year of college. This isn’t news, Wells,” I replied sarcastically and rolled my eyes. No, he didn’t ask me to drop everything to come running to him, but I did. It was just something I did without second guessing my actions. I honestly thought something was seriously wrong with him. As I felt my irritation brewing, I started collecting my things to leave.

“Livi, let me finish. I can feel the frustration radiating off you; take a deep breath and calm down for me, sweetheart.”

“Make it quick, Wells. I have things to do,” I said dismissively. I was growing increasingly agitated as time progressed. Wellington, of all people, knew that I wasn’t with being toyed with. He could either get what he needed to say out or subject himself to a dose of my silent treatment. Petty, I know, but it was the only way for me to protect my heart from developing romantic feelings. I felt that I was always putting my heart on the line, hoping for something to pop off. But I guess if God really wanted him to see the desires of my introverted heart, he would’ve made him a mind reader.

“I told you this could wait, but since you’re here, let’s get right to it,” he said as he sat in the chair next to me and grabbed my hand, which I quickly snatched back. If he was dying, he was not about to give me any bad news in this formal setting. He could’ve waited until we were in the comfort of one of our homes to tell me this.

“Wells, are you dying? Because if so—” I quickly rushed out, and he chuckled.

“No, Livi, I am not dying. But I am going to ask you to do something that could possibly change your life.”

“Depends on what you’re asking me to do. I am not a ride or die. I will not hold drugs for you, I will not commit perjury, and I will certainly not kill anyone. Jail isn’t made for a person like me. I’m too cute to end up being someone’s bottom bitch. So again, what are you asking me to do?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips. That small gesture brought lustful eyes to my hips. The feel of his eyes on me had me nervously shifting because throughout our friendship, I’d never seen this look before. Well, not toward me anyway.

“Well, would you be willing to marry me?”

I know I couldn’t have heard him correctly. Maybe he was asking me to carry him as a dependent because he truly was sick. God, I know he didn’t say what I think he said. I immediately started to hyperventilate. I knew I must have looked a fool the way I was carrying on, but how could I not? This was something I had been praying on, and now it seemed it was falling into my lap. Could this truly be a gift from God, or was this possibly Satan stepping in and delivering a heartbreak of a lesson?

💕🌻🧘🏾‍♀️ Britt Joni


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