Losing Control: An Erotic Short

*This Short is copyrighted and subject to change*


My heart told me to listen to my pride this time, and to not fall head over heels in love with this young man’s dick, but I did. I mean why else would I be hoping on flights just to get a few minutes of his time to sit on it? I craved this man, and no matter how bad I tried to play hard to get and let him know that the only thing he had open access to was my pussy, I failed miserably.

Every. Single. Time.

There was no denying he had my nose wide open, yet I kicked it to my subconscious that he only had access to me when I wanted it. Hell, I had a method for this when we were together. I played it cool like being in his presence didn’t bother me either way. But the truth was, it did! And I was absolutely confused by all of it. This was supposed to be a one-time thing, but it slowly developed into something I had no control over. Something I tried to tame for fear that it would consume me and make me out to be the weak meek ass woman I once was. I couldn’t have that, so I just pretended and played the role of this mean ass woman that only wanted him for his dick, and his dick only.

The only problem with that was, he’d quickly grew tired of my hot and cold demeanor. I wasn’t this woman and the both of us knew this, but I just couldn’t let my guard down. He was fed up with my shit. He made that clear in the amount of times our plans fell through this past month. I was heated, and I had no one to blame for this anger and aching ass clitoris but me.

“Madisyn, there is no amount of pussy in the world that would have me jumping off buildings to have. This whole hot and cold thing you doing mama is for a woman not as seasoned as you. If I wanted a headache, I would deal with someone closer to my age. I can’t… No, scratch that, I won’t do this with you. hit me up when you’re honest about your feelings or just leave me be,” was the last thing Drexel said to me forty-five days ago. Yes, I counted because it was a shock to my system.

Never had a man been so blunt with me and made me eat my shit.

Never had a man taken my brat like behavior and put me in my place.

I was furious, but more than that, I was hurt. Here I was, the elder in this situation, being schooled by a man seven years my junior. This just couldn’t be life. I wanted him, but it was becoming painfully aware that I couldn’t have that unless I made the first move. I wanted to claw his eyes out in the middle of the got damn restaurant he’d cornered me in. Instead, I went home to sulk. My friends wouldn’t allow me to sulk long because as they put it, I was no victim in this situation. But I couldn’t help but feel played. Where along the lines of this is for play did the both of us get it wrong? This was becoming something big. Something sweet. Something monogamous. Something explosive. But my pride wouldn’t let me accept it until it was too late.

As I stepped out of the parking garage, the crispness of the Indianapolis cold was a reminder of his bitter rejection. It stung, and in the lowest of keys, it hurt. As hard as I tried to shake it, I just couldn’t. I was going to go all out. This was going to be our make or break moment. Either he was going to be all in or completely out. The latter wasn’t something I felt I stomach just yet. If I’m being completely honest I wasn’t sure I could handle it either way. Feeling the frost disrespect my g-string had me quickly shuffling my feet to make it to my destination. It was almost as if the weather was predicting my fate. Cold, bitter, and flat out disrespectful. If it was crow I was gonna have to eat, I would eat it proudly knowing that I followed my heart and tried to get us back on the right track.

After paying the entry fee to get inside of this hood ass club, I ducked off to make sure that him and none of the people that he was with would spot me. I wanted to see with my own eyes if he was feeling the effects of my absence. If I was hurting, surely, he was too.

Nothing prepared me for the look of joy on his face as he laughed and grinded on a woman that he laid in my bed and bad mouthed. I grew disgustingly more upset at every toothy smile he gave her. Even if it didn’t quite reach his eyes, I watched them intently burning each brush of the hand and thrust of the hip into my brain until it physically hurt to breathe. When I’d had enough of beating myself up, I tore my eyes away from them and made my way over to the bar. After throwing back six shots of patron, I threw caution to the wind to risk being spotted. I twirled my ass onto the dance floor to forget the pain that was sneaking up on me and settling in my heart. Depression would soon come, but for now, I needed to forget.

“Madi, Madi, Madi…. You just don’t know what you do to me girl,” Drex mumbled into my hair while circling his left arm around my waist. I tried my hardest to get away from him, but the moment he pulled me back and cuffed my pussy, I was done for.

“Watch how you moving that thang mama. This ain’t for everybody, it’s mine.” He growled as he licked my neck and began to strum my pulsating bud. “You’ve been gone for far too long mamas! Tell me you missed daddy.”

“I missed you about as much as you missed the bitch that was just smiling all in your face,” I said after finally breaking free from his hold. He stood there looking perplexed with a smug ass look on his face.

“Kill all that noise, Madisyn. You missed me, pretty, and that is evident in the fact that you’re standing here in this club when I know for fact you’re supposed to be halfway across the globe right now. So, are you going to keep playing the role where you mask your feelings behind all of this testosterone or are you gonna give me a chance to speak my peace?” he inquired while pulling me back to him.

“I… You…” I couldn’t find the words to get out. Everything that I wanted to say died on my lips before they could get out.

“Exactly my point. You like to play these lil girl games until someone calls you on your shit. Let’s get out of here so I can give you this grown man dick,” he growled in my ear before giving his crew the signal that he was leaving.

Instead of leaving the club immediately, he led me to secluded stairwell and the feel of his calloused fingers on the small of my back let me know that wherever we were going, I would be safe to let my guard down and be free for a while. I needed this moment, so I could let him know that although my actions were flawed, my heart fell for him the minute he snatched my soul and breathed life into my womb.

He owned me, and whether he acknowledged it or, not I was his. The moment we entered the office, all of those thoughts evaded me when I heard those double locks click shut. It was now time to face the music and I’ll be damned if I lost this fight.


I knew the moment Madisyn walked her fine ass in the club that I was going to end this standoff and make her mine for good. She had her hang ups about our age difference, but I kept telling her ass the number didn’t matter, it was all about how I treated her. Yet, and still, she remained hot and cold with me.

One minute she was all in, and the next minute she needed her space, I couldn’t deal with that, so I walked away. It was hard, but as good as her pussy was, it just wasn’t worth the headache. She was far too old to be indecisive about what she wanted. Either she wanted me, or she didn’t. It wasn’t that hard to decide. When I cornered her in that restaurant, she was fighting the feelings I saw play out behind her big ass eyes then too. I had to take myself off the table. It was that simple. So, seeing her here was all the confirmation that I needed. I knew that by the end of the night, she would indeed be mine.

“Drex, why are we in this office?”

“Madi… Mama before I answer any of that, let me ask you something. But before I even ask, let me just say the truth will get you what you want faster than the lie you hold on the tip of your tongue will.”

“I’m sure whatever you have to ask, I can handle it. I know you young men don’t know how to handle it,” she stated firmly

“Mamas we both know ain’t shit young about me, and as soon as you truthfully answer this question, I’m gonna give you a dose of this grown man dick,” I said.

“Your dick doesn’t make you grown, Drex. Just ask what you need so we can get this over with. I’ll hop in my Uber and head home after that,” she stated as she rolled her big ass eyes

“Why did you come here?”

“Because Indianapolis is a wonderful city to explore,” she said while biting her lip and diverting her attention to the clock on the wall.

“Wrong answer. Come closer mama, I don’t think you understand what I mean by answer truthfully,” I demanded

“I can hear you just fine from where I’m standing.”

Growing irritated with her need to have control of every single factor when it came to us, or the lack of us depending on which angle of things you were looking at us on, I crossed the office to put myself in her space, and to make her feel me. I was tired of going back and forth with her, so I did the only thing I could to make her hear me. The only time she opened her ears to me was when she opened up her legs for me. I didn’t understand it, but I rocked with it. I knew she had some shit to her, but I was willing to rock with shorty to fix that shit. We wouldn’t be perfect, but I can guarantee that we wouldn’t both be suffering in silence.

“You hear me, but you not hearing me mama,” I said while rubbing her throbbing bud through the lace of her panties. When I heard her gasp, I knew that was my entry point. I gently grabbed her by her throat and dipped my tongue in her mouth. With each suckle of her sweet tongue, I made sure to pour a lot of what I was feeling into her.

“I can’t think straight when you’re kissing and stroking me like this, Drex,” She moaned out and spread her legs just a little wider. That was my sign that she was ready for me. I quickly ripped the lace of her g-string that was separating the two of us, fully prepared to shut her up if she started up again about me ruining something else of hers.

“Sit on it, Madisyn,” I growled out

Never one to back down from a challenge, she sunk the plushness of her tight walls down on my dick taking both of our breaths away. Every time we connected it was always magical. Always unique. Always pure. Always an experience that let me know that this devine feeling was something we could grow on. We were meant for each other. The only thing that was standing in our way was the need to control the other. To make us bend in a way that we were protecting our hearts, but still enjoying the moments we shared all the same.

I eased the straps of her skin-tight dress down and pulled a chocolate nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue and biting down just a bit to keep her on edge. I grab her by her hips to control the tempo, then I begin to stroke her long and deep. I pull out slowly and push back in quickly not giving her time to object to the new pace I’ve started. I rocked in and out of her pushing deep and pulling out fast to let her feel all that I was feeling for her. With every moan and slapping of the skin, I knew my point was becoming passionately clear, but she still wouldn’t let up. So, I gave her more. I sucked on her sweet skin, being sure to leave my mark so that anyone she encountered for the next couple of days would know she belonged to someone else. When I could sense that she’s close, I stood and placed her back on top of the desk and wrapped both legs around my neck. I started fucking her like she was truly mine. I mean, technically she was, but she hadn’t said those magic words yet.

“How this dick feel, mamas?” I breathed into her neck.

“It feels good Drex, stop talking and just fuck me,” she murmured

“You see, the only way I’m able to do that Madi, is if you agree to stop playing these kiddy ass games,” I said delivering stroke after delicious stroke

“Whatever you want, Drex, it’s yours. Just don’t stop fucking me like this,” she cried out

“Nah, baby. I don’t think you understand. This is what’s going to happen from this point on. I’m your man and you’re my woman. Period. There will be no more running do you feel me.”

“I feel you, daddy. I’m yours. I swear I’m all yours!” she screamed out, letting me know it was OK to spill my seeds.

As we were coming down out of our euphoric bliss, she uttered the words I’d been longing to hear since I left her in that restaurant forty-five days ago.

“I’m here because I was giving up running and tying yo young ass down. Don’t make me regret this”

“You never have to worry about that mama’s. I lost control of me the minute you waltzed your old ass in my life”

“Watch that old shit. Let’s get out of here so I can show you exactly what this old cat can do.” She giggled out as she wiggles her way back into her dress.

“Oh, so you ready for round two”

“Nah, boo. I’m ready for round one that was only an appetizer. Now that I’m your woman, you have to keep up with my insatiable appetite,” she said with a wink

“Bet. As long as you’re ready to give up a little of your desire to control our next step”

“As long as you’re leading me in a direction I feel comfortable with, I’m willing to work with you.”

“Bet. Now come on so daddy can give you some real dick,” I said as I smacked her on the ass.

It was then that I realized, losing a little bit of control is what we both needed to make it to this side of bliss. Now, I only had to secure her heart so that she was operating fully on the same level as me. That in itself was going to be a challenge, but I was with it.

To be continued….


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